Molly Baggao


Branches Uncommon Cards & Curious Finds has been a staple in the Sellwood Moreland neighborhood since 1991.

It was originally opened in its current location as a card shop with a focus on goods made with recycled paper. 
In 2014, the current owner of Branches expanded the shop into the neighboring space which enabled her to offer a wider array of gifts.

You will find a lovely and eclectic selection of jewelry, an amusing lineup of home & barware, and everything in between while continuing a great tradition of sourcing irreverent, quirky, beautiful and uncommon works from near and far.

Why We Love Sellwood

The vibrant, cozy neighborhood atmosphere and wonderful regulars that have been shopping here for decades.


6656 SE Milwaukie Avenue, Portland, OR 97202


Established in 1991

Hours Tuesday - Friday 10am-6pm
Saturday - Monday 10am-5pm

Branches has a “card suitcase” with overstock and gently viewed greeting cards for only $1.50 each.