Violet Garden


Jody Bothe


Our goal is to provide a warm, magical and nurturing experience for young children.

The trained and experienced teachers focus on social, emotional and physical development of the child. The children delight in activities based on the seasons of the natural year while supporting the child's creative and playful nature through a sense of gratitude and wonder.

The children's creative, social and imaginative capacities flourish as offer the following practical activities; painting, baking, coloring, gardening, free play, songs, games, crafts, storytelling and puppetry.A preschool with parent child classes for the families of Portland. Education for the head, heart and hands.

Why We Love Sellwood

Enhancing the community with long lasting relationships with families.

Violet Garden

818 SE Lambert Street, Portland, OR 97202


Established in 2005

Hours by appointment 9am-5pm

We hand grind whole grain, bake buns and eat it warm out of the oven with our homemade cinnamon butter.