January 18, 2018 - Minutes

1. Welcome / Introductions / Attendance

2. Treasurer Report: a. Account Balances 8500.23 checking 3200.25 PayPal

3. The Year Ahead - Lee & Rachel a. Rachel here to increase and encourage business involvement in SMBA event b. General meetings updates: increase evening socials and request for a morning event c. Development of business category and area “leads” or representatives

4. Event/Promotion updates a. Membership Drive: February kickoff, enrollment available on website. b. Explore possibility of participating in Cerebral Palsy drive in 2019 c. Include school partnerships and participation in community fundraisings and events; financial contributions

5. Community Partner Updates a. SMILE - Linda meetings first Wednesday of every month 7:30pm at SMILE i. Creation of culvert for fish habitat starting this June completion end of October. North of Oaks Park to Bluff trail meets bike trail closed 7/1-10/31. OHSU tram down 7/1 for 3-4 weeks insert link here ii. Friends of Sellwood Community Center Next meeting 1/24/18 at 7pm at the FSCC. Held 4th Wednesday of every month. If people want more information about how to help this group with the yearly campaign to keep our community center open they should contact Nancy Walsh (nacnypw@msn.com) or Gail Hoffnagle (smileghoffnagle@gmail.com) b. Transportation - Charles i. Parking Survey 121 business 535 resident responses top 3 concerns for both groups similar and overlapping. city to be offering parking tool kit with solutions neighborhood can request c. Land Use - Francisco i. Meetings link insert here

6. Announcements a. Missing Person flyer shared; all leads, videos and info needed

7. Adjourned

MinutesKim Campbell