November 16, 2017 - Minutes

Welcome / Introductions / Attendance

a. Special Thank You to Izzy of Umpqua Bank for providing coffee!

2. Treasurer Report: a. Account Balances $14,696 in checking $3,226 in PayPal b. Membership Numbers

3. Guest: St. Agatha’s St. Patrick’s Day - Principal Chris Harris (503) 234-5500, and Event coordinator Kurt a. March 17th, 2018 community event parade and festival noon-5pm b. Many sponsorship opportunities. Intent to sponsor due 12/15/17. For more information:, 503-572-1731

4. Decemberville update - Rachel a. 72 participating stores including 16 restaurants b. Posters, flyers (4Ups), and coasters available c. Nabil at UPS offering customized posters and 4 ups, A-board covers d. Gus at Make it So Printing can also help with any printing needs e. Website posting: each business double check for accurate info re: Decemberville events, blurb and links f. Businesses can upload photos to: and Shanti will use for social media posts g. Use #sellwoodmoreland in your instagram postings and Shanti can repost h. Raphael boxes for spare change and clothing/toy donations are being distributed. They will be picked up by December December 5th or 6th i. Teens interested in community service as elves contact Rachel j. “Day of” flyer changes/feedback needed k. 3 banks offering free parking:Key Bank, US Bank and B of A

5. Venture Portland - Lee/Debbe a. Acquired grant for additional staffing: Goal is increased participation from members

Did not get grant for website development. Need more business participation in overhauling the website. With stronger partnerships will re-apply for Spring grant. c. Dominga attended last meeting i. New program: Localize The Season passport event ii. for details

6. Travel Portland - Dominga a. Purpose to boost tourism in PDX and coordinate neighborhoods’ offerings b. Bad weather anticipation encouraging people to go out and about local

7. Community Partner Updates a. SMILE - Linda i. General meeting: 1st Wednesday of every month at SMILE bldg 7:30pm to 9:00pm 1. Land use and lot development in discussion phase 2. Looking to change zoning to add ADUs 3. Limiting size of buildings, set backs 4. Land Use committee in December to review multi use ii. NET: neighborhood emergency team first responders iii. SMILE brick campaign: 10% discount if purchased before 12/31/17 b. Transportation - Charles i. PBOT recommendations at special meeting on 12/12/17 6:30pm at SMILE 1. SMILE website 2. Transportation committee tab will have links to monthly meeting minutes ii. Parking Survey what to do next? iii. Transportation Committee Meetings 6pm 3rd Wednesday of every month at SMILE iv. Review of safety issues at the pedestrian crossing island at McLoughlin and Tacoma c. Land Use - Francisco 8. General Meeting Agenda 9. Announcements a. No December General Meeting - see you in January! b. What’s ahead? i. Membership Drive starting mid January through end of February ii. 2018 Calendar 10. Adjourned

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