Bikram Yoga SE Portland


Leah Shirley & Julie Yates


Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class is exactly that, designed for the beginner!

No experience needed. The movements (hatha yoga postures) are simple, restorative and therapeutic. The repetitive nature of the class allows students of all levels to see their progress on an exponential level. Practicing this series is a life investment because one can begin the class at any level, at nearly any age and continue to practice until late in life.

We value community, and provide a safe environment to go to your personal edges of growth with the support and encouragement of certified instructors.

Why We Love Sellwood

Sellwood has the charm of Portland and the studio holds space for the community to come together and heal.

Bikram Yoga SE Portland

7070 SE 16th Ave, Portland OR 97202


Established in 2014

Flexibility is not required to do this yoga!
Bikram Yoga