Cloud Cap Games


James and Kirsten Brady


Explore Portland's coziest game shop, with a wide selection of board games, card games, and puzzles.

Try out a game in the play space, rent a game to try at home, or join the fun at a Pokemon, Magic, or board game event. Put play back on the table!Portland's coziest game and puzzle store, with in store-play, game rentals, and game events, including Magic the Gathering and Pokemon.

Why We Love Sellwood

We love the relaxed family positive vibe, the small business focus, and we live 2 blocks from work!

Cloud Cap Games

1226 SE Lexington St, Portland, OR 97202


Established in 2010

Hours Monday Tuesday Thursday Saturday 11am-7pm, Wednesday 2pm-10pm, Friday 11am-10pm

Have you seen the tree inside the shop?