Snap Fitness


Mark and Shanti Campbell


At Sellwood-Moreland Snap Fitness members have 24-hour access to a full strength area, cardio area, and studio.

The strength area includes both free weights, cable machines, and a squat rack. The cardio area has a variety of machines from treadmills to row machines. The studio is a multipurpose room with a variety of equipment including functional training equipment, a heavy bag, and fitness on demand that gives you access to hundreds of workout videos displayed on a large screen. The gym also includes showers, tanning, and neighborhood environment.

Why we love Sellwood

We love being part of this community that is full of wonderful people and lots of natural beauty.

Snap Fitness

7110 SE Milwaukie Ave, Portland, OR 97202


Established in 2012

hours - Front Desk Monday - Thursday 10am-6pm & Friday - Saturday 11am-3pm

member hours - open 24 hours