Sellwood Park


Sellwood Park

Located at SE 7th Avenue and Miller Street

A neighborhood park that is a cherished spot for families.

This 16 acre park includes some great amenities, especially for families. Including a picnic area with riverfront views, baseball and softball fields, a basketball court, football field, horseshoe pit, paths, soccer field and tennis court. Children have plenty of room to roam in the large playground area.

During the summer the adjacent outdoor pool serves to cool off the neighborhood. 

This is a great park with everything you need for a fun outing with the kids. Restrooms, one of the best playgrounds around, large fields for running or kicking a ball. The huge trees keep the park shady and cool in the summer too! There’s a path for walking or riding things on. Parking is decent too, both street parking and a lot on one end.
Geen Grey, Google
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